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Andover Teddy Garden

Celebration Cube Andover are pleased to announce they are soon to become the new home of Andover Teddy Garden, a great place to create a Teddy.
Join one of our 40 minute create a teddy sessions which take place on the hour or book as a group your next party great for all ages.
Our sessions are lead by one of our trained Teddy guides who will take you through the create a Teddy process injecting fun and creativity throughout each session.

Andover Balloon Design

We Love Balloons!
Whether you are searching for Event Decoration, Gift Pop Balloons or Celebration Balloons we can provide something to fit the bill no mater how big or small we apply the same level of service and detail.
Catering for all types of events and celebrations including Weddings, Birthdays, Gala Dinners and corporate events.
Book a no obligation appointment to discus your specific needs.

Celebration Cube Gifts

Our Celebration Cube Gifts are great for any occasion.
Whether searching for a seasonal gift such as Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Valentine or a personal celebration such as a birthday, engagement, or anniversary and with gifts ranging from Chocolates and sweets to soap flowers and plaques you will be sure to find something suitable. Alternatively you could just treat yourself.